Saint Augustine’s Premier Local Organic Coffee Roaster!

Many of you know we were excited to upgrade our look, and in the process, just went for it… all the way! A new name, new logo and website too! … only the website is currently “under construction”, so please keep using the tried and true Jayells website… or is it
3rd Wave Coffee Roasters? After all, that is who we are now: 3rd Wave Coffee Roasters!  Anyway, please continue to use this website until the new is unveiled!

⇒⇒  Thank you for visiting 3rd Wave Coffee Roasters ⇐⇐
⇒⇒⇒ Saint Augustine’s local coffee roaster! ⇐⇐⇐

No doubt, you have an interest in quality coffee, and we’re glad you’re here!  We are very passionate about our coffee, and our customers!

3rd Wave Coffee Roasters is coffee with a conscious; a 3rd Wave artisan roasting company dedicated to providing our customers with a distinctive caliber of coffee. We purchase only the finest, specialty-grade arabica coffee beans with certifications to improve the quality of life for the farmers and Mother Earth through fair, sustainable agriculture.

Our goal is for you to truly enjoy your brew, so we will custom-roast your coffee specifically to your taste! Simply select the coffee variety you want, and your preferred roast level.  3WCR will custom-roast your coffee and have it shipped, or ready for pick up within 2-3 days!

We begin with three standard roast levels: Full City, Viennese and French. While these roast levels are the most popular, you are not limited by any means! There are so many variables that create an excellent cup of joe, and because coffee is so personal, we want our customers involved!  Do you want a lighter City Roast, lighter than the Full City roast level? Do you want your French Roast to have just a little more bite? Simply let us know, and we’re on it!  That’s what we mean: Custom Coffee!  Simply add special requests under “Anything Else?” … and while you’re ordering your coffee, you just might find yourself thinking, “This is fun”…  That’s right! 100% enjoyable!

Our goal is for you to have a wonderful love affair with a truly delicious cup of fresh-roasted coffee!  We are certain, once you try 3rd Wave Coffee Roasters, your
– o l d  c o f f e e – that was stored in a warehouse long before appearing on the store shelf – will never satisfy again!  (We didn’t even mention how hot that warehouse is!)

When you place your order, each pound of coffee will be individually roasted and shipped directly to you within days, to ensure the freshest coffee possible!  We are coffee with integrity!

Thank you for visiting 3rd Wave Coffee Roasters: Saint Augustine’s premier coffee roaster!

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